Down in the Dumps | My Shetland

Down in the Dumps | My Shetland

It has rained a lot today and I am feeling very down in the dumps so, having fed every animal I own, I spent the day indoors catching up on other stuff feeling sorry for myself.

The animals were very unimpressed with my decision but they, like me, were also fed up of being constantly wet.

One unimpressed Monster.

Oh, yes!

The rain cleared up later in the afternoon so, after tea (dogs + cat), we went outside for the last day of carrot distribution. I’ve run out now.

At least I was popular with someone.

Kolka had met me at the gate for her ration – which meant there was no Klaengur/Kolka bicker.

Though she did look back at the boys and wondered whether she should leave her carrot supply to see what they had got.

I told her not to bother.

On my way home, I picked up our mail from the post box at the end of our track (a necessity because Ted has bitten the local courier – twice).  In a gin-encrusted moment, I had ordered a pile of dog/cat toys and they had arrived.

So now I am popular again and, a point of interest, Ted can remove the squeak of any “indestructible” toy in under 30 seconds.  Quite an achievement.  Monster was enjoying a crackly, and possibly drug-infused, butterfly.

Down in the Dumps | My Shetland

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