Distraction | My Shetland

Distraction | My Shetland

Now the cruise ships have returned to Shetland for the summer months, I am back trying to make two felted sheep a day for the Lerwick shop, Jamieson’s Knitwear.  I hate an empty field so I want to always have stock ready to take to town, if requested.  All the bags of sheep I made over winter have quickly been sold, which is good.  Sheep = money = feed bills paid.

So I am in my shed all afternoon and later after supper, stabbing away trying very hard not to be distracted by anyone or anything.

It’s not easy.


Monster did his very best to get my full attention and, for a while, I gave it to him, hoping he would soon settle, which eventually he did.  Phew. I could now get on with my creations.

And I worked around Monster.  He was not helpful.

I tried very hard not to be distracted by his very photogenic self.

Isn’t he gorgeous, though?

And he took up a lot of space.

When wool meets fur!

I had no access to my iPad either, which was probably a good thing as I am very easily distracted in a oooh-look-a-squirrel sort of way.

Meanwhile, the dogs were good and left me alone but they have bribery.

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Distraction | My Shetland

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