Desperate Times | My Shetland

Desperate Times | My Shetland

To paraphrase/quote Hippocrates, but not in his vernacular because that would look pretentious, “Desperate times call for desperate measures“.

Every morning I always have someone waiting for me – probably waiting for the buckets and not me.  It is usually Iacs but today Kolka joined him.

I am fed up with Klængur. He has taken to bullying Haakon and Iacs off their buckets when he’s finished his rather meagre non-fattening version, which is not on.  Feeding time was getting more than a bit fraught and the Old Men were suffering.

So I came up with a plan which was duly executed with total success.  Yesterday, I lugged two sheep hurdles into the field and put them in one of the cleared byres on the end of the derelict house to act as a gate.

And now Klængur has to eat his bucket on his own until I say he can go out to rejoin the others.

Feed time will be more peaceful and less of a battle for everyone.

I went down the hill to feed the rugby scrum that is the Minions and I noticed Kolka was kindly doing a “prison visit”!

I thought it was very sweet of her.  She does love him.

After I had finished with the Minions, I went back up and released Klængur.

So this will be new daily norm.  The bullying will stop.

I told Klængur this and, to be fair, he didn’t seem to mind being led to his new dining room or the waiting afterwards for me to let him out.

And here is my latest album cover or, as Daisy said, when I sent it to her, “Why can he (Iacs) never look normal?”

Desperate Times | My Shetland

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