Decorating The House | My Shetland

Decorating The House | My Shetland

Both girls are home now having successfully avoided the Christmas strikes so we decorated the house ready for Christmas Day.

And, again, due to forces beyond our control….. *** cough *** the dogs ……

…  we are not having our full sized (5′), or what-my-mother-always-called, The Hong Kong spruce!

We have to settle for some smug hygge-style branches and a very much-smaller-than-I-actually-thought-when-I-bought-it wee tree.

Obviously, the branches had been saved from last year.

Other Christmas traditions, however, continue, such as Daisy doing an impossible jigsaw while sort of watching Muppet Treasure Island.

She knows all the words too.  Yes, she does. It’s her talent.

All our decorations are special to us.

With a huge sheep theme.  This is Lambie immortalised.  There is Bert, Ster and Puzzah too.

Our first year with Mum’s beautiful decorations.  They look lovely in front of her tapestry.

So that’s us. It is getting colder too though I am not sure if it will snow for Christmas.

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Decorating The House | My Shetland

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