Chippie-Chipmunks | My Shetland

Chippie-Chipmunks | My Shetland

Three little Shetland ponies have been busy.

Oh, yes. I found this terrible example of their nibblings when I opened up in this morning.  I was not happy.

So OH and I put up some sheep hurdles in front of the wooden bars and sprayed some crib stop which I swear Storm actually likes (little sod!) I was playing nice but if they go on like this, I will cook up my chilli/fairy liquid (washing up liquid) concoction which is guaranteed to stop the nibblings.

But, for now, I hope the hurdles will keep them away from trying to gnaw their way out to freedom.

Bloody chipmunks.  They never stop and they are not sorry!

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Chippie-Chipmunks | My Shetland

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