Caved | My Shetland

Caved | My Shetland

This morning started off with a large downpour of rain.  It has been pretty much solidly raining since Friday and everyone was heartily bored of it, though I do have to say that the rugs on Fivla and Vitamin held up very well.  I didn’t have to put dry ones on as theirs’ were never wet through, which is impressive.

This lot didn’t have rugs and Storm was dithering and following me around looking pathetic, so I took him into the shed to warm up.  He thought this was great and thank you very much as he dragged me along.

After Storm had finished everyone’s bowls and haynets, he quickly realised that inside was not a fun place to be and wanted out.

A few hours later, the rain had stopped and the sun came out so I let everyone outside and crossed all my fingers that we have beaten the laminitis (this time, though I shall watch them like a hawk).

My back is also agony so I am hoping the total change in dietary regime for the ponies – ie, I have stopped all extra hay and fibre blocks – will mean they only have what they can find on the track plus their breakfast scoop with mins/vits.

There was lots of rolling – they do this to re-establish their herd smell.

And they were so pleased to see each other.

It was lovely.  The change in them all is huge.  Happy little ponies together again.

I told them to go down to the track and find whatever they could find to eat because that’s it.  No one needed telling twice and they rushed off quickly in case I changed my mind again.

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Caved | My Shetland

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