Bibble on the Boat | My Shetland

Bibble on the Boat | My Shetland

Bibble was going on the boat south tonight for his chemotherapy and lazer surgery treatment so he had a good breakfast.

And I left him to enjoy the grass in the field for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, my post-procedure instructions were to rest for 24 hours but that was impossible for many reasons.

I did my very best, though.

After lunch, I went to fetch Bibble down.

I even gave him a brush – mane and tail – because everyone knows that you have to look smart when you go out.

He even put on his Brave Pants (just because).

A friend kindly came with me to help with the heavy horse-ramp and moral support and we drove Bibble into town.  The stevedores were waiting for their very important cargo.


I spoke to someone who responsible for animal freight during the sailing and had a panicky conversation about everything trying to impress just how important it all is. I hope they understood.

And so we left Bibble who was looking rather bemused about his new scenery.

He has loads of hay, a huge livestock pen and I can only pray he gets south happy and relaxed.  The sailing will be calm, at least I know that.  An animal transporter is collecting him once he arrives in Aberdeen tomorrow morning and will drive him straight to the veterinary surgery (20 minutes away) ready to start treatment on Thursday.

When we came home, Kolka and Haakon were still waiting for their friend and whinnying while I am worrying and trying not to cry.  This is the first time Bibble has ever been by himself

Bibble on the Boat | My Shetland

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