Beds | My Shetland

Beds | My Shetland

We have many dog/cat beds around the house and also in my shed.  No one is left with nothing to sleep comfortably in.

The ones in the house even have lovely real sheepskin rugs on top for extra snugginess.

The chaise longue in my shed has a polar fleece canvas backed blanket.  Pepper, Ted and Monster could not be more comfortable if they tried.

But this is Monster’s special bed that lives by my desk in the sitting room in the house.  It is for Monster’s use and Monster’s alone.

Well, it was…..

Oh, she knew.

And Monster was not happy.

It was possibly the slurpy licking of her “Lady Garden” that especially upset him and I can quite see why.

So Monster put in an Offishul Complaint.

And I did listen.

I really tried but the Other Parties were having none of it.  Here to stay, apparently.

Monster went off in a huff and Pepper enjoyed annoying him and watching him sulk.  Suffice it to say, Monster has not sat in his Speshul Bed again and neither has Pepper because it isn’t any fun now.

**** sigh ****

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Beds | My Shetland

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