ACT! Animal Care Thassos : RIP Diana 07-07-20222

ACT! Animal Care Thassos : RIP Diana 07-07-20222

Unfortunately we have some sad news to share with you.  

Maybe you remember our old but very sweet setter Diana. We took her in November 2020 from an old man in Kalivia. He had Diana for years on his little plot with chickens. Someone informed us that the dog had a big tumor.We convinced the man to give us the dog and to pay a contribution towards the surgery, even if it is only a small amount.

Tanja took Diana home and we arranged a surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery went well although she lost a lot of blood. But from this day on her life changed. At this time she was around 13 years old and finally she was so lucky to have freedom to walk around in the garden and to have a warm bed at night. She was so thankful and loving and stole our hearts.

She also suffered from an ear infection from the beginning. We treated it for the two years with expensive medicine but unfortunately it did not get better. And then we also found out that the tumor came back. 

Last week when we came to feed the dogs she did not come to us wagging her tail as usual. She was laying in a corner and did not want to move at all. We immediately informed the vet and made an appointment the same morning. On the way to the car, the poor thing could no longer walk properly. The last meters we had to carry her to the car on our arms.

At the vet our greatest fear came true. She suffered from great pain and her organs no longer worked properly. Unfortunately, we had to make the decision to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge. We are glad that we could give her two more beautiful years. We will miss her very much!

Run free little girl!

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ACT! Animal Care Thassos : RIP Diana 07-07-20222

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