A Tad Breezy | My Shetland

A Tad Breezy | My Shetland

It was blowing a “moderate gale from west” this morning (thank you yr.no) but I am lucky to have OH to help me take the buckets out to Icelandics in Clothie (which is a bit of a walk across the hill).

We take a pair of horses each.  OH was looking after Kolka and Klaengur.

While I was further up the hill keeping an eye on these two – Haakon and Iacs.

Luckily everyone is sensible.  Lift your head and you will lose your bucket – them’s are the rules.  We all know that and no one lifts their head.

The silly-frilly was in full frillédness in the brisk wind.

Turn the sound up if you want to hear it – the wind, not the frillédness!

And, once finished, we dished out a carrot each and OH and I struggled our way back home, washing the buckets in the small hill stream we have to cross, which always makes me think of that last scene in the Jungle Book, then I start humming the girl’s song and have that earworm for the rest of the day.

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A Tad Breezy | My Shetland

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