A Fine Art | My Shetland

A Fine Art | My Shetland

I’m feeling slightly smug here – we’ve got it down to a fine art, this breakfast thing.

Today, Floss was in charge of Iacs, Klaengur and Kolka…..

…. while I had Haakon.

The sun was rising but it was freezing and then it started to rain.  Thanks a lot.

I have eyes like a hawk on all of them but I think they are keeping the weight on despite my no rugging rule.  A second opinion?  Anyone?  They are well-covered and I can’t feel ribs.

Kolka is doing very well. She has fitted right in, and turns up every evening on her own for Bucket No 2.  What I like most about her is that she organises the old men. They don’t stand around waiting endlessly for food like they want to. Oh no, once Kolka’s eaten she marches off over the horizon dragging them all with her.  Perfect.  Even Iacs has got the plot and that is quite an achievement!

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A Fine Art | My Shetland

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