A Bit of Huffy-Puffy

A Bit of Huffy-Puffy

These two (Waffle and Albie), and Silver managed to escape this morning and got into the long grass around the house.  OH was mucking out their paddock and when he opened the gate for his full wheelbarrow, they must’ve bolted rudely through. After I had led Silver back into the field, I decided to give Albie and Waffle a little run around the school. I wanted to see how they moved.

I set my timer for five minutes and free-lunged them around in trot.  They were happy and most willing – ears pricked and in time.  Very pretty.

Feeling inspired, I went to catch Storm and Newt, and ended up with Tiddles instead as Newt refused to be caught. Wee turd.

Again, happy trotting and both moved nicely.  They enjoyed themselves.

And lastly, with a severe amount of lies, bribery and the promise of pocket-money, I caught these two reprobates who cantered madly about non-stop in every direction.

After their five minutes, they broke into a trot and refused to let me catch them…. again! *** sigh ***.

In other news, I found Pepper trying desperately to make friends with the ducklings.  She was eating grass with them hoping they would think she is one of them, just slightly a different colour.

Girl Ducky (one of two), came up to investigate. She was curious.

And then I think the family let her into their little clique.  It made me smile.


A Bit of Huffy-Puffy

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