Welcome to Possum Valley baby Jack!

Welcome to Possum Valley baby Jack!

In early December we were alerted
to a newborn baby goat at a quarry north of Perth. He had narrowly escaped the
attention of a fox thanks to an attentive worker at the site.

Baby Jack was very hungry,
stressed and had an upset tummy. There was no sign of his mum, so he was
bundled to safety and soon on the road to see Dr Kevin for a health check and

Jack appeared to be only a day or
two old. Despite his ordeal, he was soon learning how to suckle his formula. 
By evening, he had found his bounce, and was investigating his new home in the

Jack has
now settled well into Sanctuary life. He loves going for walks with the volunteers,
and watches Tofu goat with great interest! Watch this space for more Jack
updates as he grows!




Welcome to Possum Valley baby Jack!

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