Weirdness, the new Norm

Weirdness, the new Norm

Lambing has begun (dear God, please not with us), so dog walks are only at home on our land.  Never anywhere else.

My sheep are used to the dogs.

They are far too laid back to care about anything like two small terriers or even a cat.

Here is Harrel-the-Barrel’s most creepiest smile.

And then he went a bit “Dalai Lama” on us!

Anywho, moving swiftly on, here are Les Girls ……. Maggie with her gorgeous smile.

And Madge, trying hard to be tame but failing dismally.

As you can see Edna doesn’t care and Ted is now officially a croft dog.  Sheep mean nothing to him.

There is white and then there is WHITE!

When I sent this photo to Daisy, she wrote, and I quote, “I think this sums up our life”.  I have to agree with her.

But, in the next minute …..

Pepper: “Can you see anything worth chasing, digging up or eating?”
Monster: “I’m always looking.”

Pepper:  “Well?”
Monster: “Nope!”

Cat and dog work as a team and tend to forget (read lose) Ted as he barks a lot when he is hunting. Patterdale terriers are silent hunters.  Monster does his best.

And now this is where it gets weird.  Monster sat on a rock in the middle of the burn (stream).

And I looked at him and wondered – was his tail really floating on the top of the water?  And, yes, yes it was!  It was all wet on the under-side when I felt it.

Who does that?  Monster, that’s who because he is officially weird.  There, I’ve said it.

Weirdness, the new Norm

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