‘Very violent crimes’ against animals in Mid-Michigan on the rise

‘Very violent crimes’ against animals in Mid-Michigan on the rise

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – A rise in violent crimes against animals in Mid-Michigan has some animal control officials worried.

In Ingham County, a dog is still recovering after having its throat slit. The Ingham County Animal Shelter said the dog’s owner has confessed to the crime.

Background: Ingham County dog expected to make full recovery following slit throat

Ingham County Animal Control director Heidi Williams said Dusty’s injuries are part of a growing trend of crimes against animals she’s been seeing.

“He loves everybody, he’s happy he’s joyful, he just wants to play,” Williams said. “His throat was cut and he has a stab wound in his back.”

She said more cases of animal abuse and cruelty are being investigated by her office.

“We’ve seen an increase in very violent crimes,” Williams said. “Including two dogs that were shot – executed essentially – by their owner.”

The cases can come with some serious consequences and charges that can land people behind bars for up to 10 years.

After all Dusty has been through, he’s still upbeat.

“We’re working on getting him into a forever home that is going to give him the love that he deserves for whatever time he has left,” Williams said.

It is a felony in Michigan to intentionally kill or torture an animal or to commit an act knowing or having reason to know the act will cause an animal to be killed or tortured. Penalties for torturing or killing an animal can vary in severity in Michigan and can be impacted by many factors, including if the animal is a pet or a companion animal. Someone convicted of animal cruelty as a form of domestic violence can face up to 10 years in prison.

Anyone with information regarding animal abuse is asked to contact the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter at 517-676-8370 (option 1) or by email at ReportAnimalCruelty@ingham.org.

Information about pets available for adoption can be found on the official Ingham County Animal Control website.

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‘Very violent crimes’ against animals in Mid-Michigan on the rise

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