Vampire Ponies | My Shetland

Vampire Ponies | My Shetland

We brought the little boys inside this morning to assess their gait, laminitis, etc.

After seeing Albie and Storm move, I have decided to go back a few steps. Yes, they are moving better but they are not 100% yet (but not needing painkillers either).  Just a few more weeks, possibly.

It is difficult because I don’t know if what I am doing is the right thing but the past few days, when we had the snow, I relaxed the rules too much so I think they should go back to staying inside during daylight hours, and going out at night only.

The ponies had already had their buckets (nettle and TurmerAid with chaff) so I gave them some hay in a trickle-feed haynet (with the next batch on to soak) and left them inside for the day.

I can only do what I think is right. We go day to day and, although I think Albie and Storm are slightly better, they are not better enough to live in a field 24/7 with any sort of grass at all.

So, tonight, I put them out. With the days being so short, they get a good 18 hours outside.

I am totally flying blind here and praying their laminitis is on its way out for the time being and colic never rears its ugly head again.

I tell them they are my vampire ponies!

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Vampire Ponies | My Shetland

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