Totally Fed Up

Totally Fed Up

I have had enough of this snow stuff.

My entire life is spent worrying about making sure everyone has food and water.

(currently, I have two buckets in front of my cooker of soaked but frozen fibre beet trying to thaw)

Meanwhile, in the porch, we have buckets of food for tomorrow morning.  Everything freezes in the shed.

I go out endlessly refilling haynets and water buckets.

Of course everyone is very grateful but there is no let up.

Basically, and it just dawned on me, I am responsible for everything my lot eat and drink. Horse, sheep, duck….. etc.

If I am not there, they get nothing.

Every morning, the snow is deeper, drifted more and I think we are all struggling now.  Bad moods all round.

(sorry, I am having a total whingefest today)

If there is any thaw and dripping, I stick a bucket underneath because water is a very valuable commodity and not to be wasted.

The water is frozen in the shed and stable but, when I can get it going, I fill everything I can find.

I have had enough of this now and so has everyone else.  Today, I didn’t get to see or check on the Minions. The gritter went off the road.  My Leradale neighbour kindly fed and watered them reporting back they were doing ok.  Thank goodness for kind folk.  That is a blessing.

Totally Fed Up

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