Annual Run With the Big Dogs Raises Money for Pocatello Animal Services | Local News

Saturday was a chilly and furry morning for a fun run. The 26th annual Run with the Big Dogs event took place in Lower Ross Park with big dogs, and small dogs, and in between dogs. The course featured a 2K and a 5K route. Those who registered received a t-shirt and a ‘doggy bag’ […]

Christchurch Council run animal park is ‘cruel’

A public animal park run by the Christchurch City Council has been labelled as “cruel” by two animal rescue groups who are calling for its doors to be shut for good. Spencer Park is accused of creating an environment for animals – including rabbits, ducks and chickens – that leaves them stressed, starving and physically […]

Claymation Dreams, Chicken Run, and Animal Liberation

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a claymation artist. For those who don’t know, claymation is a form of stop-motion animation, which uses clay, as its name suggests. The medium requires a painstaking process of photographing clay models, moving them imperceptibly, and repeating this over and over. Perhaps this is a […]

AWL Action Run Amazin Result

 Tack alla ni som sponsrade AWL #actionrun skapat av Tove Karlsson, Sanne Stenbeck och Sebastian Winskog. Underbara ni, ett totalt pa 13,990 kr    Minna LindErik Jonsson Ingrid NordstrandCarola MadrellBritt-Marie ÅhlundRebecka LindTove Karlsson Ulla-Marie Linders Madeleine Bohman Katarina Reti Eva StyrvoldtBjörn Karlsson Charlotte Karlsson Margareta KarlssonJosefin Carlsson Camilla Lagerman Ann-Katrin Brokvist Melinda Hartner Marilyn E Limin Ida Dahlman Christopher Shooroi Emma Grönfeldt Ida H Karlsson Jonas Fors Solveig Qvam Britt-Marie Ljungkvist Lisa Jansson Marie Timmersjö Maja Landvik Mariella Valencia Vogel Jesper […]

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