Swapping Animal Products for Plant-Based Alternatives Slashes Diabetes and Heart Disease Risks, Review Finds

There are many benefits to replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives. Plant-based diets are more climate-friendly, have fewer ethical quandaries, and can help maintain health. A recent review published in BMC Medicine once again underscores the various ways that plant-based alternatives can help reduce adverse health outcomes. Researchers found that replacing meat and dairy products […]

Anna Dennis / Nicholas Daniel / Mahan Esfahani review – poetry and animal magic | Classical music

Music over the Easter weekend at Snape was dominated by Bach. But sandwiched between a selection of the keyboard partitas played on Good Friday by harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, and an Easter Sunday St Matthew Passion performed by Solomon’s Knot, there was a recital given by Esfahani with soprano Anna Dennis and oboist Nicholas Daniel that […]

Multnomah County animal shelter needs a system of accountability, not another review

Nick Hanauer Hanauer served as a director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare from 2017 to 2020. He lives in Tigard. The horrific conditions at the Multnomah County animal shelter in which animals aren’t provided minimum feeding and cleaning services, physical activity or medical care aren’t just a failure of those running the shelter. […]

2022 in review: How did your Members of Congress score on animal protection issues?

Today, I’m pleased to share our Humane Scorecard for the second session of the 117th Congress, a strong reflection of the success of our animal protection agenda in 2022. The scorecard tracks key co-sponsorships, votes and other animal-friendly actions by federal lawmakers. It’s more than just an accountability tool, however. It creates greater awareness and […]

‘My Animal’ Sundance Review – Genre-Bending Horror Romance

Werewolves in horror often depict the afflicted as desperate to repress or separate themselves from their carnivorous Other self. My Animal instead correlates that Otherness with relatable emotions tied to feeling out of place within society. That angle gives a new spin on a classic monster tale, with its horror rooted more firmly in reality. Heather (Bobbi […]

Review of Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains by Bethany Brookshire

Comment on this story Comment With its modest title, “Pests” might be mistakenly shelved with mouse-proofing guides. But Bethany Brookshire’s new book is something far more ambitious. A lively and fascinating work of science writing, “Pests” explores, as its subtitle promises, “how humans create animal villains” — including, naturally, mice. “Pests — the mice, raccoons, […]

BOOK REVIEW: Even More Lesser Spotted Animals

Ever heard of the dingiso or the tamandua or the gerenuk? Yes? You’ve actually heard of the dingiso?? Oh. But for those of you who maybe don’t know about the Blainville’s beaked whale or the Artai argali or the black and rufous sengi (yes it’s both black AND rufous), it’s about time you did! In […]

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