Swapping Animal Products for Plant-Based Alternatives Slashes Diabetes and Heart Disease Risks, Review Finds

There are many benefits to replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives. Plant-based diets are more climate-friendly, have fewer ethical quandaries, and can help maintain health. A recent review published in BMC Medicine once again underscores the various ways that plant-based alternatives can help reduce adverse health outcomes. Researchers found that replacing meat and dairy products […]

Powered by Plants: 4 Hidden Benefits of Eating Plant-Based

Every time you choose plant-based, you’re saying “no” to the shady dealings of the factory farming industry and “yes” to a healthier you. Your plate isn’t just a meal; it’s a mission for animals, the planet, human health, and equality. Here at Animal Equality, we savor the meaning and purpose behind each bite of plant-based […]

‘Significant differences’ in nutrients intake found between animal-based and plant-based diets, long-term impact hangs in the balance

Sustainable nutrition and alternative proteins have been top-of-mind topics of the current century. However, the nutritional advantages of a diet composed of plant-based alternatives (PBA) compared to one comprising animal-based proteins remains an area where more research is required. An observational study supported by Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), A*STAR, modelled the […]

Commentary: Plant-based meat may soon cost less in US than animal meat | Commentary

As of August in The Netherlands, plant-based meat now costs less than animal meat. This is massive news for those interested in more plant-based options in the United States. For years, the cost of plant-based proteins was a huge obstacle for people looking to go entirely plant-based or to adopt more of these foods into […]

Animal-Based Diet To Plant-Based Diet: A Transformation, One Food Dish At A Time

In the small hamlet, I hail from Dehradun where words and phrases like ‘plant-based’ ‘alternative protein’ or ‘vegan cheese’ were alien concepts a decade back. The same was true in most regions of India. Fast forward to today, and I’m sitting at a quaint little cafe offering vegan pizzas, tofu butter masala and coconut milk […]

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