Victory! Cruel hunting methods in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge were just defeated

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block In a massive victory for wildlife in Alaska, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife announced last week that it was withdrawing its 2020 proposed rule that would have allowed trophy hunters on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge to lure brown bears to their deaths with rotting piles of pastries and […]

The Long and Cruel Journey of Animals in Mexico

For the first time, Animal Equality has investigated the live transport of animals in Mexico. The images captured by undercover investigators were obtained between 2016 and 2018, showing the inhumane conditions in which pigs, chickens and cows are transported to farms and slaughterhouses. Among the findings were serious violations of the Official Mexican Standard that […]

Christchurch Council run animal park is ‘cruel’

A public animal park run by the Christchurch City Council has been labelled as “cruel” by two animal rescue groups who are calling for its doors to be shut for good. Spencer Park is accused of creating an environment for animals – including rabbits, ducks and chickens – that leaves them stressed, starving and physically […]

Breaking: Big step forward in fight to ban extremely cruel hunting methods

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson A new National Park Service proposed rule marks a substantial step forward for some of our nation’s most iconic wildlife species, including brown and black bears and wolves. The NPS rule would ban certain extremely cruel methods of trophy hunting and trapping on Alaska’s national preserves. We have been […]

VICTORY: Cruel wild cow milking BANNED in Alameda County!

Mother cows like Honey and Babe suffered for years for “wild cow milking” at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. One nursing mother even broke her neck and had to be euthanized. Honey and Babe say “thank you” for standing up for mothers like them!   In early September, we reached out with a plea for help. […]

9 Cruel Yet Legal Farming Practices

Because of the space they require, industrial farms and slaughterhouses are usually built away from inhabited areas. They have no windows and no architectural clues of what happens inside. Very few people really know what happens to animals in these places. This is why Animal Equality is dedicated to exposing the reality through undercover investigations. […]

Veterinarian Shares her Thoughts on Cruel “Wild Cow Milking”

Photo: Wild cow milking event in Texas. This week, we launched a campaign to combat rodeo cruelty in California. The Rowell Ranch Rodeo in Alameda County is infamous for an incredibly cruel event called “wild cow milking”.  The practice involves chasing down an unhandled and terrified cow on horseback, roping her, forcing her into a headlock […]

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