EU Commission Falls Short on Commitment to Protect Animals

As the President laid out the Commission’s goals, critics noted that the government body had promised to review animal protection laws by the third quarter of 2023. Not only did they fail to discuss their plans to do so, but animal welfare issues were not mentioned in the agenda for 2024.  European Commission President Ursula […]

Animal Advisory Commission wants limit on public contact with wild animals

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 by Nina Hernandez The Animal Advisory Commission on Monday voted unanimously to approve a resolution recommending City Council limit public contact with wild animals at for-profit zoos and aquariums. The idea for the resolution came about at the commission’s February meeting, when members of the public raised concerns about the Austin […]

EU Commission Recognizes Plight of Fast-Growing Chickens for Meat

“Fast-growing” chickens, which are selectively bred for their ever-increasing volume of breasts and thighs, are profitable animals for the chicken meat industry. Their unnatural and accelerated growth often hampers their mobility, blood circulation, and ability to breathe, condemning them to severe suffering and a two-month lifespan on average.  That is why Animal Equality stepped in […]

Animal Advisory Commission splinters over spay/neuter expansion

Monday, February 27, 2023 by Kali Bramble The city’s Animal Advisory Commission continues to duke it out over an approach to shelter overcrowding, with a proposal to expand contracts with Emancipet and Austin Humane Society forecasting more friction ahead. The proposal, put forth by the commission’s spay/neuter working group, calls to expand the nonprofits’ existing […]

Commission harmonises rules on animal vaccination to tackle bird flu –

The European Commission has announced new rules to harmonise the vaccination of animals against the most serious animal diseases as part of efforts to address the largest epidemic of avian flu observed in the EU so far. Avian influenza is a highly contagious viral disease which occurs primarily in poultry and wild water birds. There […]

Royal Commission for AlUla’s scientific best practices enable its largest animal reintroduction

Oryx, ibex and two gazelle species returning to native habitat in three nature reserves Growth in numbers indicates progress of protected areas in the AlUla region of north-west Saudi Arabia AlUla, Saudi Arabia: The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), building on the successful earlier reintroductions of native species into their ancestral habitat in north-west Saudi […]

Commission Appoints Animal Shelter Manager

It’s official. Ashley Herr is now the manager of the Berrien County Animal Control Shelter. The Berrien County Board of Commissioners made the appointment Thursday after Herr had served in the role on an interim basis since July. She’ll be paid just over $63,000 for the job. The commission’s committee on committees conducted interviews for […]

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