Opinion: The coming disruption of animal production

Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics at Princeton University and the author of Animal Liberation Now. One day, we may look back on 2023 as the year when it became apparent that the gigantic industry of raising animals for food was heading the same way as the industry that, for most of the 20th […]

Animal Cruelty at Perdue Chicken Slaughterhouse, Activists Allege

Photo: Courtesy of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Hours before dawn on Tuesday, eight animal liberation activists entered the Petaluma Poultry slaughterhouse facility in Sonoma County, California, disguised as workers, with the aim of rescuing as many chickens as possible. Meanwhile, approximately 175 protesters gathered outside the property, where up to 49,000 chickens are killed every […]

The Life of a Chicken in a Factory Farm

Undercover investigations play a vital role in exposing the cruelty that takes place in hatcheries. Hatcheries are facilities where millions of chickens are hatched every year, often in cramped and unsanitary conditions. These facilities are notorious for their cruel practices, such as the mass culling of male chicks, which are deemed useless by the egg […]

Claymation Dreams, Chicken Run, and Animal Liberation

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a claymation artist. For those who don’t know, claymation is a form of stop-motion animation, which uses clay, as its name suggests. The medium requires a painstaking process of photographing clay models, moving them imperceptibly, and repeating this over and over. Perhaps this is a […]

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