Ster’s Incarceration

Ster’s Incarceration

Last night, when checking on ‘Ster, I decided that I hated the idea of him being blind and in a field, no matter how little, and that if he couldn’t see, then he could possibly hurt himself. So I moved him to the small stable and I am glad I did that.  Not an easy job – he wasn’t cooperative.

This morning, I got a better idea of the damage to his eyes.

My poor boy.

Water is in a hi-viz yellow bucket and I am pretty sure he has found it and is drinking – I also syringed water down him last night, just in case he hadn’t.

And ‘Ster is being pretty stoical about it all.  He knows he needs care.

After lunch, I went and sat with ‘Ster as I know he doesn’t see me as his friend anymore. I took treats. I wanted to work on our relationship.

And obviously a small dog.

I sat down and waited.

It didn’t take long and ‘Ster poured his heart to me.

I gave him a good hug, while Pepper sat on my legs – not an easy feat.

(well, she sat on my legs in a supportive way)….

And they both lined up for Pasture cookies.

I am writing this early as I am off to the airport with Floss to deliver her back south. I shall miss her hugely.  She has been such an immense help.

Ster’s Incarceration

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