Some Portraits | My Shetland

Some Portraits | My Shetland

A few posh portraits I took the other day when it wasn’t raining or a gale.

I think Haakon is looking lovely for his age (29 this year). Just the same as ever.

I know that face so well. We’ve been together for 26 years now – like an old married couple.

Klængur- that’s his sleepy face. He’d just woken up.  He was very woozy.

Ditto Iacs.

And Kolka is beginning to fill out, looking more and more beautiful.

She is one very determined lady who knows her mind.  You can see that in her eyes.

I have told her that I am giving up her supper bucket now. We will see who breaks first!

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Some Portraits | My Shetland

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