Soggy Us | My Shetland

Soggy Us | My Shetland

We’re all very soggy today.  It has been persistently raining.

Late afternoon was slightly better so I took my bucket of carrots (2nd day) over to the geriatrics. I like to check up on them especially as this is a known field for colic.  There was eating – they were fine.

I knew Pepper was with me (OH had just come home so Ted had gone back into the house with him) and then I heard an immense amount of yowling behind me.

Yowl, yowl, yowl

With a bit of staring intently.

Pepper was pleased to see her friend had come too.  They have the best relationship.

Knowing there would be the usual screaming bust-up between Klaengur and Kolka, I left the field pretty swiftly, clambering over the fence.  Monster chose the gate.  I told him not to (it is thin and wobbly) and I could see him regret his choice as he then wobbled precariously on the top.

I tried not to laugh.

And then home to hang my coat/hat/waterproofs (3rd set today) up to dry and have a nice cup of tea.

We tell ourselves rain is better than snow.

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Soggy Us | My Shetland

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