Revolting Ponies | My Shetland

Revolting Ponies | My Shetland

Looking at the Minions today, I realised just how revolting they are.

They all need a jolly good brush and the fault is all mine as I confess I have not been very diligent with my brushing routine.  Ok, I haven’t been near them with any form of grooming tool all winter.  Dirt keeps you warm, I tell them!

But I did notice, when Vitamin took a chunk out of Storm for trying to steal her bucket, she got a whole mouthful of white fur so someone thinks Spring is on the way.

Fivla is possibly not her most beautiful either.  What I need is for everyone to dry off completely so I can get myself covered in pony hair while I brush them.

Newt is in his full-on Yak stage at the moment.

So, after the snow – this weekend, if the sun ever shines, I will go to the Minion field armed with a brush and some conditioner/detangling spray.

But it was nice to see the sun shine and some blue sky today. That cheered me up immensely.

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Revolting Ponies | My Shetland

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