Powercut 2 | My Shetland

Powercut 2 | My Shetland

We woke to a good few inches of snow and, while we were out feeding everyone, the power went off for the daylight part of the day, which felt like ages.

And suddenly I needed to tidy cupboards! I tidied up our larder, finding stuff I didn’t know we had, and the backdoor porch, which is where I just chuck stuff to “think about later”.  I also made “boatcake” (basically biscuits, butter and dark chocolate) and sat it on a tub of snow in the fridge hoping it would set but if it didn’t, someone would eat it anyway!

By 14.30, the light was going and the forecast is more snow. So Floss and I sallied forth to feed everyone all over again.

More piles of hay and buckets of fresh water close by.  Lots of lugging as the water has frozen in the stable but not the shed.

Kolka had her 2nd bucket of hard feed – she is very good, turns up by herself and waits.  I am feeding extra so no rugs.

All the Minions are also home as I knew snow was imminent.  They are enjoying themselves very much.

I feel sorry for them, though, because the “feathers” on their legs get very snowed up.

They don’t seem to mind and continue to annoy each other.

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Powercut 2 | My Shetland

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