One Horse Keeps Guard | My Shetland

One Horse Keeps Guard | My Shetland

As members of a herd, they’re able to relax because one horse acts as a sentinel, standing guard while the rest snooze.” – Practical Horseman

Or, if you’re Kolka, you sort of keep guard while eating, because it is all a matter of priorities.

And she did her very best, honest, and I feel sure that if a leopard or whatever crept up to eat the others, Kolka would’ve given her everything to protect everyone….. sort of (ooh, look, a nice blade of grass!)

The weather has been exhausting so it was lovely to see the old men snoozing.  You can almost hear the farts and the snoring (and with Iacs, there would definitely be farts – he is legendary).

I am not very good at creeping up, and so when Haakon noticed me then that was it. He was up.  I might have chocolate cake about my person. I didn’t.

Meanwhile, Iacs went on Zzzz……ing.

…. and, once awake, he was pulling silly faces yawning.

That’s better. Now they all look like a sensible herd of horses.  Well done Kolka.  She has the old men sorted.  I hope they stand guard for her.

One Horse Keeps Guard | My Shetland

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