Old Friends | My Shetland

Old Friends | My Shetland

An odd scenario today worth mentioning just because it was so…… well, odd!

Newt and Pepper are good friends. They always have been and she makes a point of going up to him to say hello, have a sniff and a chat.  She licks his nose sometimes.

But Silver is not one of Pepper’s fans. Instead when she ran past he tried to chase and stamp on her.  Pepper is fast on the uptake and she quickly made it into a game, where he would meanly chase her, and she was just that bit too far away for contact. She was circling him, like she does Maggie (who is also spiteful towards Pepper).  I watched on concerned but reckoned Pepper can look after herself and she wasn’t worried about being chased.

This is Silver’s cross face.

So Newt, went up to Silver, swung round in a threatening kicking manner giving a small bounce and then swung back to explain that he should now be nice to Pepper, who watched on with interest.

I could almost hear the conversation – “Be nice to Pepper please or I will kick you in the teeth!” was basically said.

So Silver made a huge effort and was nice to Pepper while Newt watched close by, touching Silver’s flank with possibly teeth.  He was not letting this behaviour go on.

Like I said, most odd.  Newt meant business, Pepper was just being Pepper and Silver was forced into being a friend.

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Old Friends | My Shetland

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