Oh Lambie!

Oh Lambie!

My morning was spent with my most favourite of favourites….. Lambie who had barged into the stable while I was sorting out Albie and Storm for the morning.

I asked him what the thought he was doing.

So he then got stuck!

Oh Lambie *** sigh ***.

He wandered about investigating and sniffing things out.

Yes, Lambie, you did.

Meanwhile the boys were having their separate breakfasts. Storm has taken up that well-known, but miserable, sport of bullying Albie.

Someone is feeling better then.

‘Bert thought he would come inside too. So I quickly shut the door.

Sorry, ‘Bert, no more sheep.  One is bad enough.


And then Lambie found what he was looking for – my hay bales – so he had a casual snack while I prayed he didn’t pee.

Finally, I had everything as I wanted it ready for the day, the dividing gate put back and Storm went back to sharing (yes, nicely sharing) the soaked hay with Albie.

And of course I had my best little helper in the whole universe.  Pepper is always with me, even when she isn’t!

All done and I turfed Lambie out much to his disgust.  He had been enjoying himself hugely and, to be fair, he didn’t pee, which is always a good way to start the day.

I was even rewarded with a lovely Winning Smile when I put the flock into their chosen field.

Thank you, Lambie, for your “help”.

Oh Lambie!

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