Not Out of the Woods

Not Out of the Woods

Storm is still not out of the woods yet. I could see this morning that he had had a bad night and he even came up by himself to ask me to help him. He was very low.

I called the vet.

Upon examination, he had no gut sounds.  Little Storm had a naso-gastric tube passed and then a Clydesdale horse equivalent dose of liquid paraffin and electrolytes.  He also had another painkilling injection.

I was asked to keep Storm on his own (so I could identify any poo) and to trot him around the school every hour for ten minutes.

Poor Storm, he hated being by himself and I made sure he could see the others.  He wouldn’t eat at all.

On the 13:00 trot, Storm farted – pretty explosive!
And at 15:00 he poo’ed….. a weird poo too. A white stringy rubbery looking thing with hard pellets as well.

And then a couple of plops.

I’ve brought Newt in for night-time companionship!

So that’s how Storm is at the moment.  He is a bit brighter now and eating a little out of a bucket (sloppy food) and I want to see more evidence of pooing.  He was such a good boy for the vet – no sedation needed for swallowing the naso-gastric tube and he stood there and let her do everything.

Prayers for Storm, please.

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Not Out of the Woods

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