Native Environment | My Shetland

Native Environment | My Shetland

The little ones are happy in their field of nothing.  They look like proper little “wild” Shetland ponies in their native environment.

And Tiddles just looks like a filth monster in his pit.

Mostly the little boys can be found in the far corners of their 40 acre field, which is good.   They are exploring more and ignoring the shouts of Fivla and Vitamin.

Today I took the dogs with me in the car with the intention of going for a walk around the field after dishing out the food.  But Ted refused to come and ran back to the car. Pepper was very pleased to see everyone again and ran happily around, even coming back when she was called. When I got back to the car, I couldn’t find Ted so I drove around a bit and then he appeared by the old crofthouse in the field.  He knows I am disappointed in him.  After he was doing so well too.

I hadn’t been taking the dogs to Leradale recently because a few fields away are new born lambs and their mums.  I guess Ted has forgotten this dog walk. He is a bear of very little brain.

Once I had located Ted again, we went home and the big ones told me of their carrot hunger and possible starvation.

I swear Haakon can sniff a carrot from miles away.

Everything is growing now but I am trying not let everyone stuff their faces too much.  It is lovely to finally see flowers and greenery.  It’s been far too long.

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Native Environment | My Shetland

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