Moving the Old Folk | My Shetland

Moving the Old Folk | My Shetland

This morning started off wet and windy. The Old Folk were standing around after their breakfast looking miserable so I caught and led Haakon leaving the gate open behind me.  I put him in a more sheltered field that now has had time to recover and is growing well.

Kolka and Iacs happily followed along.

And by this afternoon, the weather had cleared up slightly, although the wind was still blowing.

I went down to the horses with three carrots – one each.

For obvious reasons, I try to check on them at least twice a day.  I may be ever so slightly obsessed.

All fine.

All ate their carrot.

And all are looking good.

The wild flowers are beginning to make an appearance, which is lovely.

Marsh marigolds and the wild primroses

Spring Squill

Lousewort (?)

What’s this one, please?

The last of the wild primroses.

I always love the new colour.  We deserve this after such a harsh winter.

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Moving the Old Folk | My Shetland

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