Maggie on the Rampage and one unhelpful Lambie

Maggie on the Rampage and one unhelpful Lambie

Maggie vanished this morning.  Everyone else arrived for their breakfast except for her.  She was busy far away in the field talking to the hill ram over the fence.  Well, I hope it was only talking they were doing!

So, with the help of Flossie, who walked miles and located her for me with the text “Got her. Ram sniffing. She won’t leave him” and a bowl of very rattly food, we brought her home.

I put the flock into the small paddock far, far away from the handsome hill ram, who is possibly Harrel’s father.

Everyone, that is, except for Lambie who was uncooperative.

But as Lambie is fine on his own, I left him to his own devices.

So he stayed by the fence sniffing in a weird way. Oh, Lambie. ** sigh **.

It was also good to get the other girls (Edna and Madge) away from the ram who was now lurking hopefully around the perimeter fences.

I could keep an eye on everyone from my little desk by the window.


But I was a bit annoyed at Lambie.  He never does what I want. He always does what he wants.

There were no extra biccies for being difficult.

Later on in the afternoon, I had a good idea to bring haynets. That, I thought, would get Lambie into the field.  Everyone likes a haynet.

So he ate it through the fence instead.  I gave up, at that stage.  If Lambie won’t, then he won’t.

And, if there are little lambs this Spring, well so be it. I tried and we do have the space and grazing now.

Maggie on the Rampage and one unhelpful Lambie

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