Kentucky Trail Cam Captures Incredible Animal Encounters (PHOTOS)

Kentucky Trail Cam Captures Incredible Animal Encounters (PHOTOS)

A Kentucky trail camera captured some pretty wild and strange animal encounters and we have all the photos.  You have to see these pictures they are unbelievable.


Angel here and last week I wrote an article about Hilarious Confessions & Questions I have as a Deer Hunter’s Wife.  One of the things I talked about was my husband’s obsession with his deer cameras.  He is constantly watching those things like it’s a full-time job.  The upside to this is every once in a while he will capture something completely amazing.

If you’ve never seen a trail cam they are camouflaged and usually in an inconspicuous place to watch over a food plot on your land.  My husband has several of them and he is hooked up to a company that sends the photos right to his phone so he knows exactly what is going on.


I’ve always enjoyed seeing the photos of the deer that visit near the cameras but not until this year has he ever gotten photos of other wildlife that give you a deep look into what really happens in the woods when the world isn’t around to interfere.

I remember the day he came home from hunting and told me he saw an albino doe.  Then his camera captured her and she is beautiful.  What a rare sight!

It’s almost eery how this coyote is glaring at the camera as if he knows it’s taking a photo.

Are these raccoons possessed or is there a light in their eyes?  I’m pretty sure the trail cam doesn’t have a flash…EKKK!

A rare and gorgeous flight of this bird.  It looks like it’s landing to scoop up prey.

Can you imagine having that thing standing over your body?

That’s a lot of Thanksgiving meals right there in that camera.

Is that turkey chasing the other one?  It sure looks like the one in front is running from the one flying.

What in the what is this thing?!  I have asked multiple people and they all think it might be a dog but it really looks like a mountain lion or a coyote.  What do you think?

My husband thinks this looks like a hyena.  I am pretty sure we don’t have hyenas around these parts.

How did this random dog get out in the middle of nowhere?!

My husband actually had an encounter with these wild dogs.  They were ruthless he said and they were growling.  They had puppies with them too.

This next picture is quite graphic.  His camera captured a large buck being taken down but a pack of wild dogs.


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Kentucky Trail Cam Captures Incredible Animal Encounters (PHOTOS)

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