Keeping them happy | My Shetland

Keeping them happy | My Shetland

This morning’s feeding time at the zoo.  I have moved the Oldies to the smaller but more sheltered field – it is in a small valley with a stream running through it.

OH walked the dogs down there later this morning and said there was no wind by the stream, so I know this lot have good shelter to get through tonight – a merry little Force 11 for 6 hours solid.

Being Icelandic horses, they are all experts at finding the best place to stand.

They all have good winter coats too and no one is soaking, shivering or dithering.

I am nicely surprised at just how well Kolka is managing without a rug.

At the moment, they get breakfast and Kolka has another bucket for tea, while the others have soaked fibre block.

This system seems to be working fairly well with little arguing about Kolka having nicer things than they do.  Maybe they don’t know….. yet.

So we’re getting prepared for tonight’s onslaught but I know the horses, ponies and sheep are safe and have all they need.

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Keeping them happy | My Shetland

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