Hi-Viz Jackets | My Shetland

Hi-Viz Jackets | My Shetland

As Teddy gets more and more confident on his daily dog-walk, he is also getting bolder and making some rash choices – such as running off after rabbits at 100mph.  They both love a good rabbit chase but tend to forget everything, like coming back!

Little known fact – two brown terriers in a brown field are actually invisible and I am fed up at shouting into the distance looking for anything that might move that could possibly be my dog.

So I put their hi-viz jackets back on et voilà, two terriers are now very visible!

Pepper is wearing (please say in your best Atlanta accent) “an orange tankini with a crossover neckline and silver detailing”.

Teddy is wearing “a canary yellow long jacket with black belly band, leg straps with a crossover velcro neckline”.

(I may watch a lot of Say Yes to the Dress – Bridesmaids, Atlanta – one of my favourite programmes)

Anywho, I can finally see my dogs.

In the field, in the hill bit of my field, and I am not shouting to the wind and praying that a moving bit of brown grass is one of the dogs.

A problem solved.

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Hi-Viz Jackets | My Shetland

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