Getting On Well | My Shetland

Getting On Well | My Shetland

A beautiful sunrise today.  While the horses ate their breakfast buckets, I took photos.


Haakon, in thought.

Kolka – we try to lure her over the wall to a separate eating area where she can eat in peace.

Iacs and Klængur together – they tend to bicker in a friendly way and try to get each other’s buckets.  It can all get a bit much. Much better to stay far away.


Like Kolka, Haakon stays back and Pepper “helps” too.

Once Kolka had finished her breakfasts, she demanded her usual carrot, which I didn’t have because we’ve run out but luckily I could give her a Pasture Cookie and she was very happy with that.  She is a pretty lady.

Klængur adores her. At last he’s got a real friend and she’s a girl!!!!


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Getting On Well | My Shetland

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