Gainful Employment | My Shetland

Gainful Employment | My Shetland

This morning’s breakfast scene – OH staying with Kolka (in the corner), Klængur and Iacs.

I was further up the field with Haakon.

And then I was joined by a small ginger doglet.  Quelle surprise!

Pepper was there for one reason and one reason only ….

…. to clear up any dropped food.  To, as we say in our house, “scrushle” – it means clean up.

Wee One loves this job and I trust Haakon 100% to be nice about her involvement too.  Kolka did have a go, the other day, so Pepper learned her lesson and now stays away from the old dragon. A wise move. But Haakon, he don’t care.

No stone remained unturned.  Pepper is nothing but thorough.  She knows her job.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field….

…. the others were finishing up and OH, armed with his carrots (one each, thank you), was busy too.

It was very sweet to see. I will make a horseman out of him yet!

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Gainful Employment | My Shetland

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