Feet and Tails | My Shetland

Feet and Tails | My Shetland

A beautiful sunrise this morning (07.42 to be precise).  I was up and at ’em.

The little boys seem a lot happier. They are “back to normal”, well, what is normal for them.  I am relieved and will resign myself that they must stay in longer, at least until the farrier comes at the beginning of next month.

Obsessed with feet now, I decided to pick out and clean everyone’s hooves. It is not something I do regularly.

And then I went back and cut everyone’s tails too.  The Icelandics’ were very long and I hadn’t noticed. Poor Klængur got the equivalent of “a pudding bowl cut” from his mother.  It is a bit short but it will grow out (she now types hopefully!)

When I picked out Iacs’ hooves, a slug fell out. I think I removed his brain then.

The boys were “helpful” and everyone was done quickly and without the need of a headcollar.

Poor Bibble. I hope he’s not lonely without his slug-friend.

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Feet and Tails | My Shetland

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