Farrier Afternoon | My Shetland

Farrier Afternoon | My Shetland

I spent the afternoon with Stephen, our farrier.

First up, the Big Ones.  Only Klaengur and Bibble needed a trim and Haakon had a small bit chopped off where the results of an old abscess have finally appeared.

So that was nice and easy.

Then we walked down the hill to the Minions’ field.

Under there is a farrier.  Newt had him in a headlock.  Stephen didn’t seem to mind so I didn’t interfere.

Lots of help and advice, of course.

Storm and Waffle entertained themselves with my spare headcollar.

It’s not quite the same now.

And neither is my coat. When I went home to go home I found I have very spitty soggy pockets.

Hoof verdict – everyone who had laminitis is looking much, much better. Their hooves show no signs of inflammation, bruising or rotation so I am much relieved.  The plan is to put them all on a mineral balancer specific for laminitis in a couple of weeks and to everyone where they are, possibly forever.

I am hugely relieved.  Hopefully, we can manage them all like this and keep laminitis at bay.

We finished up (only 5 done in this field) and climbed back up the hill, while Bibble looked magnificent, like a cave painting horse.

So job done. Everyone behaved…. sort of!

Farrier Afternoon | My Shetland

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