Family Duck | My Shetland

Family Duck | My Shetland

From the initial 7 Muscovy ducks that I was given a couple of years back, we still have 6  – we lost two and kept 1 duckling, if that makes sense.

I am very fond of my ducky-wuckies. They are communicative in a non-quacking way and are very definite about what they want – mostly food, please!

And Penthesilea (the only one with a name apart from Mr Ducky, Black Ducky and Mother Ducky, though I am not 100% sure which one she is now), is still very keen on guddling in the mud.

She is a girl on a mission – I am trying very hard not to be too depressed about this as we have mud everywhere.


The ducks get around the croft quite far and fly past like Lancaster bombers. I don’t clip their wings.

They know where home is and I think it gives them a sporting chance against any predators during the day, though they go to bed at night in a totally closed hen-house.

They are no trouble and fascinating to watch.

Maybe there will be some ducklings this year.  I would quite like that.  Quite.

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Family Duck | My Shetland

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