Dr. Bronner’s Gives Back To Protect Farmed Animals

Dr. Bronner’s Gives Back To Protect Farmed Animals

Dr. Bronner’s, one of North America’s top-selling soap and body care products brands, has made a compassionate contribution towards Animal Equality’s fight to end animal cruelty. And we want to say thank you…

Animal Equality would like to thank Dr. Bronner’s for its recent donation of $9,000 in support of our work to create a world where all animals are respected and protected. Every cent of this compassionate support will go toward ending cruelty to farmed animals through undercover investigations, corporate outreach and legal advocacy. And, since every dollar to Animal Equality is projected to impact three animals, this contribution has the capacity to protect 27,000 animals suffering on factory arms.  

On behalf of Animal Equality and the animals we are fighting for, thank you to Dr. Bronner’s for believing in our mission.

From 2013 to 2021, Dr. Bronner’s donated over $3.5 million to the protection of animals by giving to various leading organizations in the movement, including Animal Equality. We are proud to be a recipient of a portion of this support and humbled to join a list of other effective and dedicated animal protection organizations.

Together, we are working towards a kinder future for some of the most abused animals on the planet.

How You Can Support Animals:

Donations of any size help support Animal Equality in our fight to end cruelty to farmed animals. As mentioned above, every dollar can help protect three animals, so every cent truly makes all the difference. Please join us in building a more humane world for all animals by donating today.

Unable to give monetary support right now? You can help animals by simply choosing plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs. By following a plant-based diet, you are denouncing the suffering of farmed animals every single day.

Dr. Bronner’s Gives Back To Protect Farmed Animals

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