Diss: Pride Animal Rescue has dozens of pets who need homes

Diss: Pride Animal Rescue has dozens of pets who need homes

Pride Animal Rescue, based in Diss and Eye, has had a staggering number of pets brought to them for adoption in the last three months. 

Christopher Coe, 31, has run the service with partner Daniel Carver, 38, since September 2021 and claims the number of animals coming to them has grown in recent weeks by people who can’t afford to keep pets amid the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

These are just a few of the pets up for adoption at the rescue organisation.

Mother and son, Simba and Narla, are some of ‘the most loving cats’. (Image: Pride Animal Rescue)

Simba and Nala are mother and son whose owners lost their home and moved into temporary accommodation. 

Simba is two-years-old and Pride Animal Rescue describes him as “a really friendly chap who loves to play with a feather”.

Nala, who is four, “can be shy and give the odd hiss if you go to stroke her then she’s the most loving cat you could ever want”.

Both cats are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and can be rehomed separately. 

Evie was a former stray that come from the south of the country. (Image: Pride Animal Rescue)

Evie was brought to the rescue as a stray and she “loves to play and run around all day with a buddy”. 

Mr Coe said: “Evie hates to be left alone so someone who is at home 99.9% of the time would be great.

“She can be shy when you first meet her but soon comes around with treats.”

Luna was with the rescue for three months after being surrendered by an owner who was losing their home. (Image: Pride Animal Rescue)

One of the charity’s recent success stories is Luna who was with the rescue organisation for three months before being adopted.

Mr Coe said: “Luna was surrendered back in November as her owner was losing her house and was told she couldn’t take pets with her into social housing.”

In response to the rescue’s adoption numbers, he added: “We had a huge response and it’s been amazing but the more dogs that go out the more that come in.” 

Diss: Pride Animal Rescue has dozens of pets who need homes

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