Dentist Day in the Valley

Dentist Day in the Valley


Dr Tom from Perth Horse Dentistry
and Veterinary Services came to visit the Valley in early December. 

Just like
people, animals need dental care too – from sheep to donkeys, goats to dogs,
all of our residents have access to dental checks and treatments as needed.

With the help of volunteer Rob, Dr Tom managed to see all seven of the Sanctuary’s equines during his visit – which is a big job! 

Each animal was provided with sedation and gently walked into Tom’s horse crush before their teeth were checked, cleaned and filed as needed. 

Albert and Victoria donkeys, despite their age, had a very good report from the dentist, while big Duffy donkey has a problem back tooth which will be monitored and further investigated on Dr Tom’s next visit. 

Spud took his dental visit all in his stride. He was also the sleepiest of the donkeys, napping until evening feed time, when he ate his meadow hay. 

Thanks Rob and Dr Tom for keeping our donkey and horse herd’s teeth in good working order!

You can learn about the incredible work Tom does for equines and other large animals at

Dentist Day in the Valley

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