Colic Trumps Laminitis | My Shetland

Colic Trumps Laminitis | My Shetland

A little known fact – colic trumps laminitis and Tiddles has colic.

I know this because he wouldn’t eat his supper (bucket of nothing with chaff), then he  lay down beside it and rolled and then sat.  So I threw them all outside in the hope he would be so pleased he would eat.

Nothing. So the emergency on-call costs-a-million-dollars-a-minute vet was phoned and she came out to see Tiddles.

While we were waiting for her arrival I caught Tiddles and put him by himself – he was furious and cantered up and down.

Storm was his moral-support friend from the other side of the fence.

And I worried about Tiddles.

But he was passing splats and I could hear vague bowel sounds. He was feeling very sorry for himself, too.

While we were waiting, I put him in the school and walked him round and round. More splats.

Anywho, veterinary came and fully examined Tiddles. She saw the splats, gave her opinion and medication (painkillers, anti-inflammatory) was given too.  The verdict:  Mild colic from bowel irritation and to get him eating again.  The drugs should help.

So Albie, Storm and Tiddles are around the house (outside) and I will pop in and out, keeping an eye and working out if I can put Daisy (first born) on Ebay to pay the vet bill (Sunday afternoon/evening vets ain’t gonna come cheap – I swear the ponies know.)

*** sigh *** it is such a toss-up between colic and laminits.  My nerves are shredded.

Colic Trumps Laminitis | My Shetland

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