City of Pasco takes over animal shelter and control, searches for permanent manager

City of Pasco takes over animal shelter and control, searches for permanent manager

PASCO, Wash. — This summer, Angela Pashon, with the City of Pasco stepped into her role as Interim Manager of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

Previously, she was in Risk Management under the City Manager.

Now, she spends her days around fluffier company.

“I’ve only adopted one so far, but now I have three big dogs,” Pashon laughed.

As the city searches for a permanent manager, Pashon has stepped in to lead shelter staff in addition to animal control officers.

“Check in with all staff, check in with all animals, make sure that our vet appointments are being handled appropriately and then answer any questions that may come in,” she described her role.

Recently, Pasco announced moving forward, they would take control of the shelter and animal control instead of a third party.

This summer, they opened up the bid for a third party to come in and run the shelter, but after receiving two applications, the cities decided to go in a different direction.

TCAS and animal control will join the Administrative and Community Services Department.

“It’ll be a division within that department it will have a division manager, which we’re actually recruiting for right now an animal services manager, they’ll oversee not only the shelter but the animal control operations,” Angela said.

Pashon came in at a time when the animals and staff needed her most; she said they’ve had to deal with a shelter that’s often at full capacity.

“We really try to work and get people connected with rescues; also just educating them. Is it that they can’t have the animal, or is it inconvenient?” she said.

At times, the shelter has had to admit essential intakes only.

“And that’s really do ensure that the care of our animals in our kennel are receiving adequate care; we may have an open kennel but we don’t necessarily have enough staff,” Angela said.

She also explained that sometimes, people will bring the shelter animals that they’ve found in their neighborhood. Eventually, they discovered these people were patrolling their community and picking up otherwise healthy pets, which puts a strain on the shelter.

“It is really helpful for us to have them hold onto it, post it on the social media sites. Help us, help this animal,” she said.

There’s also movement on the new animal shelter.

Angela said the infrastructure work bid has been signed and construction should begin before the end of the year.

In addition to that, the bid for the actual shelter should be on the City of Pasco’s website soon.

“The city is really excited to be able to see and really work through those services and improve the service level for our community.”

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City of Pasco takes over animal shelter and control, searches for permanent manager

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