Cat, What Cat? | My Shetland

Cat, What Cat? | My Shetland

I so feel sorry for Monster. He wants to be a glorious hunter/gatherer but he fails on one point ….. he is very visible and not very silent, either.  This was from a few day’s back.

Monster announced his arrival at my wee shed by whinging and wet from the rain. He wanted me to know all about this while I was busy working on a sheep.

I booted him off my work area and put him on an old piano stool.

Please note the glorious chest of drawers behind.  That was my Great-Great Aunt Kate’s that was bombed in the war whilst in storage.  I try to polish it regularly and properly.

Anyway, Monster did not appreciate the history lesson but did quite like the piano stool which my mother had reupholstered many years ago.

Then there was the whinge about why does the dog get the chaise longue – because he got there before your, Monster.  And no, it’s not fair.

As my coat was on the floor, Monster decided to make it his home, albeit grudgingly.

Yesterday, my flute duet friend came for our regular Saturday afternoon practice and so Monster quickly made her his friend.  He is such a louche!

A music stand almost fell over.

And Monster even had a go.  It makes a change from the yowling.

He is such a charmer but not a very appreciative audience.

Why are all my animals slightly strange?

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Cat, What Cat? | My Shetland

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