Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots!

Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots!

Yesterday was my first day back at Transition Turriefield (a community growing project a few miles from me) where I volunteer to pack vegetables for veg boxes and some local shops.

I was asked if “my lot” wanted any carrots and, if you know me, you will know I never say no to free food, apart from possibly the disgusting Brussels sprout which is the Vegetable of the Devil.

I was given a massive crateful of carrots that couldn’t be sold.  Fine by me and my lot.

I put some carrots in a bucket and lugged them over to the old folk’s field.

They were very happy with this and I decided I will go daily to distribute my largesse.

Despite what they want, they’re not having the lot in a oner.

The Happy Couple shared their pile until they had their usual bust-up and then went back to sharing as though nothing had happened.

They always do this.  Married life *** sigh ***

Haakon sensibly stayed well clear.

So I threw him his handful and left him to eat in peace.

Bibble kept on shovelling.  The carrots made a welcome addition to rather sparse coming-into-Spring rations.

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Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots!

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